Ghanchi Zandubhai

Ghanchi Zandubhai

Campaign Head

Ghanchi Zandubhai brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the board of the Munshi Khan Foundation. With a background in education, healthcare, and social work, he has spent various years working towards improving underprivileged communities, education for all, and healthcare accessibility.

At the Munshi Khan Foundation, Ghanchi Zandubhai leverages his extensive network and expertise to forge partnerships, secure funding, and design programs that align with the foundation’s mission. He is incredibly passionate about education technology and community health programs, believing in the power of education and healthcare to transform societies.

Ghanchi Zandubhai is known among his peers for his strategic thinking, collaborative spirit, and unwavering ethics. He embodies the foundation’s integrity, compassion, and innovation values, making him a vital asset to the board and the communities it serves.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Ghanchi Zandubhai enjoys reading, hiking, and volunteering. He is deeply involved in any local or hobby-related community service, reflecting his commitment to positively impacting the world.

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